Collage of photos representing Melanesian Life.

Melanesian Life

The people of the Western Province live a simple, village style life where the needs of the entire village are provided for by the village. The village life involves community gardens, community hunts and community sharing. After a successful hunt the entire village gathers to prepare and share the feast. A fire pit is prepared, vegetables are gathered and the cook fire is tended by members of the village.

The elders of the village care for the children while gardens are being tended and hunts are conducted. The main food in the villages is sago, a tasteless, starch produced from the pith of the sago palm. Protein deficiencies are common although this diet is supplemented with fish, game (when available) and small quantities of vegetables.

There are no orphan children in the villages. A child who has no parents is cared for as are all the children.

Life in the villages is hard but the simple needs of the people are few. Their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are met.