One Vision! One People!

Our Faith
God is our Creator. We are His people. He walked with our ancestors, and He continues to walk with us today and for all time. He wants us to be a holy people, to be one with Him, with each other, and with …nature.

When we are baptised, we come into God’s family. We are his sons and daughters. So, we are also brothers and sisters to each other. Jesus saves us, and the Holy Spirit keeps us together as one.

We meet as God’s people to share the Word of God and to receive the Eucharist, the Bread of Life. Mary, our Mother, walks with us on this journey. We work to make the Good News of Jesus known everywhere.

We are proud to be Papua New Guineans. We respect each other and work for unity and peace.

We are a Community

We do not live one-one. We live in many kinds of groups: families, clans, tribes, parishes, diocese. We try to live in all of these groups in a spirit of love and peace.

In Our Families:

  • We care about each other and love one another;
  • We listen and speak to each other;
  • We serve each other;
  • We pray together and share the Word of God;
  • We worship with the village or parish community;
  • We help others around us;
  • We live by the teachings of Jesus.

In Our Corner of Village Groups:

  • We come together to pray, to celebrate, to help one another;
  • We choose good leaders who help us to grow in our faith;
  • We read the Gospel together and try to live what it teaches us;
  • We worship together as one people;
  • We share what we have with others, and we help them when they are in need;
  • We witness to the Message of Jesus, we participate in the life of our community and we share responsibilities.

In Our Parish and in Our Diocese:

  • We live in unity as the one Body of Christ, in our diversity of tribes, politics and cultures;
  • We come together to pray, to evaluate and plan the activities that bring us together;
  • We serve one another in faith and love;
  • We come together regularly for worship and celebration;
  • We provide formation and help to those who are chosen to lead us;
  • We promote peace and justice in the way we live.